Pine Grove


Dale Walker, Pastor

     Thank you for visiting us!  My prayers are being answered, because I asked the Lord to have people use this website and be blessed by experiencing God’s love.  Please take a minute now to ask God to speak to you through the things you’ll read and hear while spending time on our web site.  Expect Him to bless you because that’s His nature.  He has plans for your future that are filled with good and hope.  (Jeremiah 29:11)

     Maybe you’ve attended church in the past but it ‘just didn’t work out’ for you.  Maybe you really wanted to know more about God, but when you got to church,

        You didn’t feel welcome
        You didn’t feel connected
        The music didn’t seem relevant
        It seemed like they wanted your money more than you
        You didn’t think you would fit in

     We want to be a church where all people feel welcome and feel that they have a place and an important part in the overall vision of our church, where they feel connected and accepted as they are and have friends to walk with and grow with.

     Our desire is to be a church that will encourage, teach and challenge, a church that serves and reaches out to our surrounding community.  Our music has a flow that is upbeat and exciting, but blended with moments of quiet worship.

     We have a wonderful nursery for babies and children up to age 3 and a dynamic children’s church program, all with dedicated workers who truly care for them – in a safe environment where they can have fun while learning about God.

     We have a clear vision for our church and look to God for His creative methods of carrying out that vision.  We welcome your visit!

Be blessed,


Dale Walker, Pastor