2018 Encouraging Words
By: Dale Walker

Week: December 30, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Date: 12/30/18

1) 2019 is here, ask your Heavenly Father for wisdom to make it your best year ever. There will be victories and challenges but you will not face a moment alone. Make a solid plan to grow with personal Bible reading and prayer; if you have not been good doing this follow a plan that is simple and doable. 10 minutes a day is a reasonable beginning, if you miss a day skip to “today” and keep going; 3 steps forward and 2 backwards is still progress!

2) Don’t be surprised when things in your life get pruned, Pruning seems negative but it’s a biblical principle, good is pruned so better will replace it. Don’t try to keep things the way they are, God’s plans are multiplication not addition. Be an encourager when pruning occurs, the enemy whispers defeat, remind yourself and others new growth is coming!

3) Be wise about making resolutions that you have been poor about keeping in the past, ask God what His plans are for you in the new year and ask Him for strength to accomplish them. Anything we do on our own will produce pride and require us to continue in our own strength which will surely fade in time. God does have grace when you need it, depend on Him, He will guide and provide all you need!

4) Expect good things, guard your thoughts from falling in to things have always been like this and always will be. You have been preparing for the new year and all the seed you have faithfully planted in the past is producing a harvest this year. Make room for new opportunities and blessings, this is the year you will see them!

Week: December 23, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Date: 12/23/18

1) Christmas is here, don’t let anything cause you to miss this, God is with you! He has promised to never leave you, you may be heart broken and penniless but God is with you! This may not be the way things are supposed to be but God is with you! Whether it is your best or worst Christmas ever God is with you! Jesus was born in a lonely stable with no earthly comforts, He knows how you feel!

2) Take a break from planning every step of your life, trust your Heavenly Father to clear the path you should be on. Don’t assume because you are walking through difficult circumstances you are in the wrong place, you’ve done something to deserve where you are; maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. God will redeem your story for His good and someone else’s comfort.

3) Become a better listener, offer fewer solutions, lift family and friends in prayer. God can do more with our silence than we can with our windy opinions. People don’t care how much you know, they want to know how much you care. Listen, pray and be there for people!

4) God made you exactly like He wants you, stop trying to become someone you think you would enjoy more. Discover what He has for you to enjoy and accomplish. You will truly be happy when you are living His purposes and using the talents He has given you. List the things you love about yourself, don’t brag about them but celebrate them!

Week: December 16, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Date: 12/16/18

1) Don’t expect people to meet all your needs, don’t let disappointment rob you; your Heavenly Father is the only person who has the ability to completely understand, strengthen and fill you with love and contentment. Looking to a spouse, family member or friend will surely end in unmet needs and pain. They can be great helps but Only God can satisfy you completely!

2) Slow down, don’t rush through life, you are so looking forward to a new season that you are not experiencing the goodness God is suppling. It’s good to have dreams, plans and vision but you are where you are now because of past effort, God is rewarding you now for past obedience; don’t miss it!

3) Seek God first, take time regularly to listen to His Word, sing His praise and tell others how He is blessing you. Don’t neglect to reap the rewards of knowing His will and His ways. Don’t live off of last week’s or last month’s direction. He has fresh encouragement, new mercies and amazing revelation for you!

4) God made you exactly like He wants you, stop trying to become someone you think you would enjoy more. Discover what He has for you to enjoy and accomplish. You will truly be happy when you are living His purposes and using the talents He has given you. List the things you love about yourself, don’t brag about them but celebrate them!

Week: December 9, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 12/9/18

1) Savor little things, God blesses you daily but you can overlook them if you are not paying attention. It’s possible to miss a 100 small things while looking for the big thing. God has promised to provide for the sparrows in the field, He will show you His love, favor and grace in many ways every day. Stay thankful and enjoy His goodness!

2) The Body of Christ is designed to need and depend on each other. Isolation and loneliness are not not helpful for you or the ones who need you to share what you have learned, experienced and need. Your needs are actually someone else’s place to give and grow; don’t be selfish or stubborn, plug in where God plants you and do your part with joy!

3) There are times when you don’t know what to do, so don’t do anything. Vain labor does not man progress and it may be stealing your strength for when you need it. Jesus said His burden is easy and His yoke is light, He is not driving you to constant motion and activity. Stop and wait for direction, proceed when you sense Him telling you what to do!

4) Freedom does not mean you are not required to obey, it means you can choose to pass on God’s direction or not, there are always consequences to doing our own thing even though we have the freedom. Ask Him what His plans for you are and follow them for your fullest life. You are free to follow or not but you will only find happiness doing God’s will His way!

Week: December 2, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 12/2/18

1) Christian remember you are supposed to be the one with grace filled answers, actions and thinking; if you are frustrated, angry and temperamental you are not walking in the spirit! The world needs us to show we are not just hearers of God’s Word but doers also. People should feel blessed because they saw and talked with us!

2) Many times your worst critic lives inside of you, take every thought captive; if it doesn’t completely agree with the Word of God get rid of it. Remember the devil tempted Jesus with parts of scripture but never accurately. You are never allowed to feel condemned, defeated or fearful and line up with His Word. Do not believe or react to negative thoughts!

3) Hoping for things to change without the discipline to change them is naive, change requires work and consistency. Encourage others in their pursuits and trust God to give you the grace to walk your heart’s desires daily, remember you are not where you used to be, you will live these changes out too!

4) How many times have you told someone I love you today, not flippantly but genuinely? Begin telling loved ones everyday, say it to people you want to encourage and inspire, say it to your family and friends. You will never regret telling people you love them too often. Begin by telling yourself, I love this about myself and list the ways God has made you unique!

Week: November 25, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 11/25/18

1) Forgiveness is not optional for Christians but its not punishment either. Waiting for someone to earn it may seem more palatable but if Jesus had waited to forgive us we would have been lost forever. Forgiveness is not easy but it is required to obey your Heavenly Father. Forgiveness does not mean trust is resorted nor denying the truth. Forgive others because you are forgiven!

2) Don’t let disappointment ruin your holidays; life doesn’t always have sweet endings but the Holy Spirit has promised to never leave you. He has also promised to cause all things to work together for your good. You don’t always see the good but God never breaks His Word. Your children don’t know a shot helps them but you trust the doctor to do what’s best; your Heavenly Father is the great physician trust His heart when you don’t see His hand!

3) Never judge your importance but the recognition you receive; most people in the Bible are not named but their actions are recorded for eternity. God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love in serving others, stay faithful in the little things and He will give you bigger ones!

4) Your face may be wet with tears but remember joy comes in the morning; don’t give up, don’t stop believing, you will see good if you don’t quit. Disappointment comes when we think the breakthrough will get here sooner than it does. To judge AN INFINITE God’s actions

Week: November 18, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 11/18/18

1) Comparing your life to someone else’s is like trying to wear their glasses, they only work for them. Wishing your life, job or marriage was like theirs is not just a waste of time it’s a fairy tale. God has a plan for you, as long as you are wishing your life was like someone else’s you will never be who God wants you to be!

2) Keep this Holiday Season simple, have family and friends around, don’t fret trying to make things perfect, make memories. A dirty house is not going to ruin your Holidays but fussing because it’s dirty can. Laughing because you burned the turkey will be a much better memory than screaming because your spouse didn’t get it out of the oven on time. You are completely in charge of how this Holiday Season will go, make it your best ever!

3) Be a giver during the Holidays go to Walmart and wait by the cash register, when someone catches your eye buy their stuff for them, if you can’t afford to pay for all of it give them $20 towards their purchase, I promise the feeling you get will last much longer than you think it will!

4) Begin new traditions every year, keep some from the past but build on those so new family members can be a part of new beginnings. It doesn’t take money to go caroling around your neighborhood or singing in front of the coffee shop. Sleep in sleeping bags on the floor with your kids and grandkids, eat ice cream for breakfast and breakfast for supper. Fun doesn’t have to be expensive. Parents choose a day you don’t say no to any request, ask the Lord for wisdom to create memories!

Week: November 11, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 11/11/18

1) God brings unusual people in to our lives not for us to criticize and make fun of but to learn from (sometimes what not to do) and to pray for. Be very careful not to miss the lessons He intends for you to learn because they are so different than you. Likewise He has put you in people’s lives not to boss or dominate but to bless and encourage, be about your Father’s business!

2) Never judge success by what your earn or people who report to you, “what good is it to gain the whole world and loose your soul” (Mark 8:36). You may be the top person in your field but if your family doesn’t love seeing you walk in the door, or you don’t look forward to walking in the door, the day will come when you will be sitting on top of the mountain alone. You can’t change the past but you can change beginning today. You can be the top person but make sure you share the glory, benefits and successes with those who sacrifice to get you there!

3) Holidays can be stressful and hurtful because of who is not with you this year; find someone in that place and encourage them, even while you wish someone was encouraging you. God promises to comfort you by His Holy Spirit but He May well do that as you serve others. You will never regret blessing someone who is hurting, alone or lonely even if they don’t tell you how much you helped!

4) Thanksgiving is here, make sure you take time to be thankful, tell others what you are thankful about, write notes to those you are thankful to, actively practice thankfulness. It’s easier to see what you don’t have than what you do have, but recognizing God’s faithfulness helps focus your heart. You may have less this year than for many years in your past but even the memories can be a reason to be thankful!

Week: November 4, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 11/4/18

1) Jesus is a Good Shepherd, He doesn’t drive His sheep but He doesn’t allow them to be lazy either. He leads to still waters, prepares a table in the presence of enemies and restores souls. Stay close to Him, meaning follow Him, He does not want us complacent or lukewarm!

2) If you are continually battling the same temptations, failures and doubts, consider a time of fasting. Fasting requires you to deny your fleshly appetites and focus on your spirit man. You will quickly see how much your natural man dictates your life. Denying ourselves of food or any thing in our normal schedule (caffeine, certain foods, even skipping a workout, etc) will cause your flesh to demand a return to normal. Schedule a 3 day period of drastic change and seek God in prayer and reading His Word!

3) Many people think more about their failures than their future. The Father Immediately forgive the prodigal son and never brought up his sin again. His brother did but there is life and goodness ahead. Ask God what His first steps He wants for you and begin today living your new life, never again to look back in regret. When sin abounds, grace abounds MUCH MORE!

4) Life brings change, you can’t stop it or even slow it down; you can decide to adapt and seek God for wisdom and walk in faith towards all that is in front of you. Longing for the good ole days can rob you of experiencing good new days; new life is ahead, enjoy what God has planned!

Week: October 28, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 10/28/18

1) Never let worries, business or lack of attention steal the benefits of God’s Word from you. Stay diligent believing and meditating on His promises, benefits and warnings. Just because you don’t see its effects today doesn’t mean they are not just in front of you. You are in charge of what you hold on too; many times fear screams and God’s Word whispers!

2) People are watching you, they are imitating you, it might be a child or someone you don’t even know but your decisions affect others, many times without you knowing. Some rewards in Heaven will be a surprise because you never realized how much you were helping others. 100 small choices may mean more than one giant one but God is using you more than you will ever know, stay faithful!

3) Don’t measure your success only by what you see, God keeps tract of every obedient act and promises to reward you. This world is not our home, we are only passing through. The painful things you experience can be your greatest growth times, don’t focus so much on the pain as what God is teaching you in it. God will cause all things to work for our good, remember that and take another step towards your deliverance!

4) The Word of God is food for life, you may not understand what you read but God promises to bring it to your remembrance when you need it. Most don’t understand how food is digested and fuels our bodies but we know if we don’t eat we get weak. Ask Him for wisdom, insight and ability to live out His Word daily, He will amaze you at what He uses you to accomplish!

Week: October 21, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 10/21/18

1) Temptation always has an escape. It doesn’t feel good to your flesh but God always gives you the strength if you ask Him for it. The longer you walk in victory the easier it gets but if you fall back into sin, the process of victory has to begin again. Don’t take your progress for granted, stay alert, the devil sets traps but God provides strength to win!

2) Don’t expect your walk with God to be easy, but don’t forget God always gives grace to help when you need it. If your prayers are not answered, it may be God is working or waiting on someone else you are not aware of. He will always do what’s best but often it seems He is late, or worse doesn’t care. Your Heavenly Father always has your best interest at heart, one day it will make perfect sense!

3) God cares for the birds of the air and flowers in the field, He notices all of them. Since He provides for these little creatures, shouldn’t you trust Him with your needs? Why worry and fret, instead thank Him daily for His love and commitment to you. No King dresses more beautifully, no flower survives without His care. You are the Apple of God’s eye!

4) What you did yesterday affects today, make sure your actions are setting a good foundation for tomorrow. You can’t change yesterday but you can still make decisions today that give tomorrow hope. God knows your beginning and end; He is not finished with you so stay close to Him and listen for His instructions. It only takes one second for Him to change your entire life!

Week: October 14, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 10/14/18

1) Complaining is addictive, the more you do it, you start seeing the bad side of everything. There are things to be thankful for, focus on those, you can be part of the problem or solution. Ask the Lord for His perspective and say what His Word says. These are days of opportunity for the Lord to accomplish great things, believe what He has promised!

2) Keep your eyes, thoughts and prayers on the Lord, don’t get distracted. Make sure you listen to encouraging music, conversations and discipline your day to completely follow the Lord. You don’t need a little Jesus for seasoning in your life, He is your life, go all in with Him!

3) Hard things teach lessons we don’t get anywhere else. God promises He will never leave or forsake us which means He is with you now. I’m sorry you are experiencing cruelty, unfair treatment or “whatever” but God is with you, hide under His love, grace and freedom. His will is going to come to pass, until then ask Him what He wants you to learn!

4) You don’t get well by sitting in a doctor’s office, you have to follow his instructions, take your medicine and avoid what he tells you. Same thing with Christians, we must follow the Word of God and endure until we experience breakthrough. Don’t let discouragement win, God’s Word never returns without completing its assignment. God’s plans are for our good not our harm, trust Him until you experience it!

Week: October 7, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 10/7/18

1) Just because you keep facing the same battles does not mean you are doing something wrong, life is filled with struggles. We have different personalities, likes and temptations. You have everything you need to win every time but it requires trusting God to give you the strength, desire and patience to win!

2) Don’t let the things happening around you steal your peace; none of this is a surprise to the Lord and what you see is not the whole story. The weapons of our war are not fleshly, if you are arguing, fearing, worrying and complaining you are not using spiritual weapons and you will never have peace. Stop expecting smooth sailing, prepare to walk in the spirit by regular Bible reading, prayer and friendship with others who have put their trust in Jesus!

3) “Choose this day who you will serve, I will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). There is no such thing as part time Christianity; this world will not be changed by carnal (immature) believers. Don’t try to live as close to sin without crossing over the line or you will surely fall. The safest place for the Christian is hiding in Christ. We are called to live, love and lead differently than those who do not have the Spirit of God living in them!

4) Balance faith, family, work, fun and discipline; most lean to one over the others. God created us to enjoy all of these; we believe everyone should be like us. Make sure you have someone to “watch you” who has the right to speak “correction” when needed. We don’t need a bossy know it all but we do need perspective, God has put people around you to keep you balanced, listen to them!

Week: September 30, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 9/30/18

1) God’s Word is true even when we don’t understand it and it doesn’t seem fair. Never let your finite mind judge God’s wisdom, power, love or action. He demonstrated His love for us by giving His son Jesus to die for our sin. You may not be able to explain His actions but He never makes mistakes. Trust His heart when you don’t see His hand!

2) Christians will never have it easy in this world. We are over-comers, conquerors and victors but those are words used for warriors. This world will not respect us or agree with us until God draws their heart to Him. Stay filled with His Spirit or you will act, sound and think like the world. Jesus never walked in the flesh, neither should we!

3) Choose wisely who you watch and listen to. If your closest friends are constantly complaining and gripping, change friends. We are in a war, nor with flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high places. You don’t wear beach clothes in war, you dress for the battle; make sure you are strong in the Lord and the power of His might!

4) You were born at the right time for your assignment, don’t give up because things are difficult. God’s best work comes when things look impossible. Stay close to Him, follow His instructions and trust His timing. You can have peace, victory and joy but only through Him!

Week: September 23, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 9/23/18

1) You must forgive yourself before you can completely forgive others. The enemy wants you to believe the worst, God promises you His best. Everyone has things they are ashamed of but some have never put them under the cleansing blood of Jesus. “ Come let us reason together, though your sins are like red stained cloth, I will make them white like new snow.”

2) Christians have a spirit that either rules their flesh or gives in to it. They cannot dwell nicely together, they are opposites. Frustration occurs when we try to satisfy both. Lasting peace is possible but cannot be bargained for, scripture says; “ I will give you perfect peace IF you will keep your mind on Me.”

3) Jesus didn’t change Roman rulership when He was on Earth and He disappointed most who thought He would. America needs Jesus, we are commanded to love those who hate us, talk bad about us and pray for them trying to keep us quiet. This is only possible by God’s grace but it is not optional. “Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All glory to him, both now and forever! Amen.” II Peter 3:18

4) What might have been ok yesterday is changing because maturity is a necessity. Just because you are ok does not mean God doesn’t want more for you. It’s time to grow, expect to be pruned so you can produce new fruit. Pruning is positive in the end, keep your eye on God’s plan for you!

Week: September 16, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 9/16/18

1) You can’t pray yourself out of a problem you behaved yourself in to. Prayer only works when it’s God’s will. God never loves you less when you behave poorly but He doesn’t answer prayers because you beg either. Ask for and follow His wisdom, He wants the best for you even when it isn’t what you think you want!

2) Commit your life to following Jesus with your whole heart. You will never be more fulfilled and content than when you obey His Word. Man wants to manipulate, God wants to set us free from guilt, sin and emptiness. Many times what you resist the most is the best solution.

3) Failure either defeats us or causes us to dig deeper and overcome by asking God for help. No one can live a full life alone and no one can live without being disappointed and hurt. Love those who fail you even if it means you have to walk away from them. Scripture says “as much as possible be at peace with all men”. There are times when peace isn’t possible but do your part and try!

4) Quiet space can give us clarity and rejuvenate us but we are not meant to live life alone. Serving others is God’s will and only when we serve can we be truly content. The thing you love most is usually the purpose God put you on Earth. Don’t give up because no one notices; God is watching every act and promises to reward you for eternity!

Week: September 9, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 9/9/18

1) I Cor. 14:1 says, desire to encourage, edify (motivate) and comfort others. Build them up not puff them up. Don’t let thoughts of encouragement pass without giving them to the person they are for; God gives them to us to bless them. We may not think they deserve them but He does. You will never regret being a vessel He can use!

2) Depression and anxiety are torturers that never respect boundaries. The devil is destroying lives with these cruel weapons. A quick prayer and Bible verse will no more defeat them than praying makes us lose weight. You do not get to choose your fight but God gives us strength to win, prepare to battle the rest of your life. You are more than a conqueror in Jesus Christ, pick up your sword, shield of faith and medicine if prescribed; you have what you need to defeat this!

3) Guilt and shame will torment you after you confess your sin unless you reconcile and close the door to your past. Once you give the sin to God never let the devil give you the guilt again; he will try but he is a loser. Transform your minds with God’s word, He forgets our sin and throws them away forever, you should too!

4) Memorize these verses this week, you can do this! Romans 8:38-39 “For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”! (Write them out, read them during every commercial, at every stop light and before you go to the bathroom, in one week you will know them word perfect.)

Week: September 2, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 9/2/18

1) Be careful not to mix the Word of God with your personal preferences. God’s Word never changes, our opinions change constantly. Following Jesus will not always be popular but He is the only one who saves, heals and delivers. If something needs changing it is not the Word of God, stay pliable in His hands!

2) Speak the truth in love; don’t be glad to prove someone wrong. It is the kindness of the Lord that leads us to repent. True change begins in our heart and works its way out to our actions. If our heart is really changed, it’s just a matter of time until it’s reflected by our behavior!

3) Solomon had everything his heart wanted but still was not happy. Things never bring true joy but you can experience joy in the worst moments of life. “In the presence of the Lord there is joy and peace that cannot be explained.” When life gets tough, cling to the one who created it; he is always near the brokenhearted!

4) How much of your prayer time today, recently have you spent thanking God for His goodness and answers to you? Be careful, we can become spoiled and ungrateful, especially if you don’t regularly review all He has done in spite of how we have neglected to thank Him. God is always good and deserves our love, honor and devotion, thank Him now!

Week: August 26, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 8/26/18

1) God is working through you in your failures and weaknesses. Seldom does He use people without showing their flaws. We are easier to relate to when we are honest about our problems; they don’t disqualify us they keep us humble and He gets the glory for what we do accomplish!

2) Things may seem bad in your life but there is much to be thankful for too. Trust His word in the valley; don’t forget His goodness on the mountain top. He is always good when miracles are happening and when your heart is breaking; don’t forget He has chosen to love you forever and ever!

3) All things are possible to them that believe, what are you believing for? Does it require God to come through in a way you could not pull off on your own? Don’t settle for a routine monotonous life, all God’s promises are yes and amen for His children!

4) Our help comes from the Lord, if you are exhausted, frustrated and confused you are not enjoying the benefits He has promised and provided. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy; don’t allow his subtle attacks to rob you of all God wants for you!

Week: August 19, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 8/19/18

1) It’s easy to misunderstand a look or attitude, begin giving grace where you have previously given judgment. It won’t be easy but you will represent the Lord better and get opportunities to help others grow to what they want to be. Everyone wants to be happier and more successful, help them get there by showing God’s grace, patience and forgiveness!

2) If today was your last day on Earth, what would you tell your family and friends? Would you keep the same things on your calendar and would the same things worry you? No one knows how many days they have left, live like this is your last day on earth, tell people what they mean to you, bless, forgive, stay thankful and generous; you will never regret sharing your love!

3) God has put people in your life who need you to be faithful, you have more influence than you think. Harsh words seldom accomplish what we hoped, kind words are remembered for life. Jesus encouraged and forgave many that we think should have been judged, follow a His example!

4) God never runs low on help; if you need help today or many times during the day, He is waiting for you to ask. Remember when we are weak, He is strong, He isn’t disappointed you need help, He has promised to answer when we call. We don’t always get the answer we were hoping for but it always comes from His loving hand!

Week: August 12, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 8/12/18

1) “I will keep you in perfect peace, IF you will keep your mind on Me.” (Is. 26:3) Peace is available but it only comes by doing things God’s way! You can’t do more to get peace but you can loose it by doing and not receiving. Receive what has already been provided, walk and live in peace!

2) All God’s promises are yes and amen in Christ but leave Christ out and His promises go unfulfilled. Living life “your way” may feel good for awhile but there will be a time when you need more than you can give. Solomon didn’t deny himself any pleasure but at the end of his life he said; it’s all a waste without God!

3) Hoping for things to change can keep you from appreciating what God has done for you already. Yes believe for better but remind yourself daily of His blessings and benefits. Psalms 103:2-5 says “He has pardoned you, redeemed you from a pit, healed and crowned you with loving kindness and tender mercies and satisfied us with good things”!

4) Heavy burdens are not meant to carry, If you feel overwhelmed it’s not God putting it on you. Jesus said “come to Me, My yoke is easy and My burden is light … I will give you rest” Matt 11:28-30 There is no burden too small or too big to share with the Lord, unload on Him regularly!

Week: July 29, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 7/29/18

1) Criticism is a mean form of correction. If you or someone one you are close to needs to change a behavior, ask the Lord how He would speak them about it. He doesn’t nag or belittle, the one who knows us best is the one to help others grow and mature!

2) Fear and torment are special weapons of the enemy. Fearful thoughts and reactions mean you are in a spiritual battle that cannot be won on fleshly terms. Fear is poison; its effects grow to the point of complete paralysis. Use God’s Word to defeat every seed of fear, greater is He in you than he that’s in the world!

3) Make a decision; don’t second guess when things don’t immediately look better. We are in a race, some days are easy some are not but God is with you all the time. If you are in a difficult place, ask Him what to do, what to learn and who to help in their difficulty; He never wastes pain or trouble, He will use it for good!

4) Grief can help us process loss but it can also stop us in our tracks, God will heal your broken heart over time but you must ask and allow Him to do it. The enemy wants you stuck in pain; God wants to use your pain to help others through theirs. You need faith to move on but God will supply all you need!

Week: July 22, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 7/22/18

1) Constantly talking about your issues is not the same as praying about them. Words reflect your thinking, the more you say negative things the harder it is to believe God’s Word. If God is your provider, your peace and comfort, say it. Don’t contradict God’s word with your feelings and thinking!

2) Criticism and complaining may come naturally but they are not godly. When you see weaknesses in others pray for them but you can’t change or influence them by nagging. The closer you get to people the more you see all are flawed and need grace. Bless them by not reminding them what they already know. Love covers a multitude of sins; encourage them until they mature in growth!

3) If you are tired of holding on, stop trying to do things in your own strength. God can bring change, help or wisdom without us. If He chooses to use you, make sure you do it with His direction and timing. He is not looking for perfect vessels but He is looking for ones who know where help comes from!

4) II Cor. 5:17 says “We are new creations in Christ, old things are passed away, behold all things have become new”. New things don’t come naturally; they must be learned. It’s easy to slip back to old ways unless you are continually allowing the Holy Spirit to direct your paths, stay close to Him. He has promised to never leave you but you must follow Him not your own ways!

Week: July 15, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 7/15/18

1) Helping and serving others is not just a good idea it is a Biblical mandate; seldom is it convenient or inexpensive but don’t pass up chances to honor God by sacrificing time, talent and money to help others. We will give an account how we obeyed this command, look around He has put chances in front of you!

2) James 1:19 says “be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry”; you may want to tell others “how it is” but it almost always makes things worse. When you have prayed, waited and sought God for what to do, say and feel; you will get much better results than saying what you want to say now. You will never regret waiting to tell someone off!

3) Truth is not subjective, doesn’t change with the times and doesn’t act one way with some people and different with others. God’s Word is true, alive and doing its job even when you don’t see results. Trust the creator of the universe to convince the one you are praying for at exactly the right time and exactly like He did you when you needed it!

4) If it seems like God has abandoned you or is too late to help, you are obviously not seeing what He is up to, will you decide today, my Heavenly Father deserves my love and trust because of what He has already done for me, Lord I will wait and watch for you!

Week: July 8, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 7/8/18

1) Perfectionism can kill your joy and make others miserable who never measure up. Strive for excellence in all you do but don’t let your lack of success cause you to become critical and hurtful. Acknowledge your progress and encourage others to be patient with you and themselves. Philippians 1:6 says “He who began a good work in you will keep working until you see Jesus face to face!

2) We all have different callings and giftings, encourage others in what they are called by God to do and for those closest to you remind them they are not competing to be recognized. God has placed you in certain people’s lives to hold them up especially when things seem to be falling apart. Don’t hold back encouragement because someone has fallen; that’s when they need it the most!

3) You learned a song as a child “He’s got the whole world in His hands” and it’s completely biblical. Don’t make long term decisions when you are weak, discouraged, sick or walking through a major life struggle. Remember the Lord did not speak in the fire, wind or earthquake but in a still small voice!

4) Seed you have planted years ago will spring forth, you may have forgotten when and where you planted it but God has not. What you thought would have brought a harvest by now will spring forth in the days ahead, it’s not late, it’s exactly on time. Thank God for never allowing a seed to return unfulfilled!

Week: July 1, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 7/1/18

1) Be careful what you hold on to, keep your hands open for the Lord to give and remove anything. It shows who is really in control of your life. If you are afraid He will not give you things you enjoy, you are believing a lie. Your Heavenly Father loves taking care of you, providing for you and keeping you safe. God’s plans for you are good not harm, life not peace!

2) Be careful saying or thinking never and always, life is not just about us. Others make decisions that affect us; we cannot make others do what is right, fair or smart. God never leaves us and is always with us but He doesn’t prevent us from making poor decisions. Seldom does everything work out like we thought or hoped but God is not surprised, ask Him for wisdom!

3) Keep believing what God has put in your heart. We have different time schedules than the Lord but He is not teasing you with your dreams. Hold them loosely but never give up, many times He comes through when all looks lost and dead. It’s never too late for the Lord to do what He has promised!

4) Many people dislike and resist change but life is constantly changing. Ask God what He wants from you and for you in life; flowing with Him instead of against Him is not just easier, it’s more exciting and enjoyable. Elijah thought his life was over, even wanted to die because he was tired and scared but God spoke to Him in a still small voice, Listen closely the Lord is whispering hope, promises and life!

Week: June 24-28, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 6/24-28

1) With the Lord one day is as 1,000 years, time to us may seem to crawl but the Lord sees the end and the beginning. Learn to rely on your spirit man to understand God’s ways. Intellect and logic will never compare to God’s sovereignty. God knows what wed need and when we need it, He’s never late but logic will say He is, Trust Him, He is always faithful!

2) Hold plans and hopes loosely, detours are not bad but they don’t always feel right. It is easy to assume we know the next logical step but God has plans to use us in ways we failed to see or appreciate. Don’t give the devil credit for something God designed for you. What we think is a detour may well be God preventing a tragedy we never see!

3) God gives calm in the storms of life; He promised to never leave us or forsake us, which means whatever you are going through He is with you. Your spirit can experience peace beyond understanding even while you logic screams for answers. Do you want His peace; keep your mind on Him!

4) The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end, His mercies are new every morning, great is His faithfulness, dwell on that instead of the troubles of life!

Week: June 18-22, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 6/18-22

1) God’s promises are to keep you encouraged in desperate times not a time table for fulfillment.

2) An old prophesy is just as fresh today as the day you received it. Don’t let time steal its encouragement and inspiration.

3) The gifts God gave you are available 24 – 7 not just when “you feel like using them.”

4) Mistakes don’t mean God has removed “His anointing”; make things right and press forward.

5) The more you mature as a Christian the less “feelings” should influence your beliefs, moods and decisions.

Week: June 11, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 6/11/18

1) God is moved by different decisions in people’s lives so if they choose one thing it turns out one way, if they choose something different, different result. Obedience brings a decision, disobedience brings another. Walking by faith means we trust Him regardless. God is working in all our lives at once, we are all one body, what you decide affects others, choose wisely!

2) Are people encouraged when they see you or are they the latest to hear your complaints? If you need encouragement, encourage others. If you need a friend be friendly. Try to build others up every time you see them. Only a few trusted friends need to know all your stuff, God wants you to bless others, ask Him to use you daily!

3) There is power in Jesus Name, use it to bless others and point them to Him. Nothing is too hard for Him, call on Him to dramatically change situations that look hopeless. Sometimes the reason we don’t get prayers answered is because we don’t pray them!

4) There are things we can’t explain and don’t understand like cancer, starvation and more. Just because you can’t fix everything doesn’t mean you should do nothing. Get involved in impossible looking problems and ask God to use you for miraculous break troughs. Jesus still works miracles and answers impossible prayers

Week: June 6, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 6/6/18

1) Holiness is not following a list of do’s and don’ts; it’s a lifestyle that keeps Christ on top of your desires. WWJD was a good reminder that God’s will is superior to every good idea follow in love not duty. We belong to Jesus; obey His Word because you love Him not to have clout to get it to do what you want!

2) II Cor. 5:17 says “If anyone is in Christ He is a new creature; old things have passed away behold all things have become new” but we must work to keep old habits and failures from creeping back in our lives. Gimmicks and new ideas usually fade so determine to walk in discipline, it’s not easy or fun but it works every time!

3) God has given you gifts to bless you and help others, isolating yourself because of hurts and disappointments keeps you from being effective and gives the devil the room he needs to keep defeating those you could help. Don’t allow changed circumstances to frustrate you; God knows the end and beginning, He never gets surprised!

4) Your spirit needs food exactly like your body, hearing the Word of God and not acting on it is like anorexia, you loose the benefits of spiritual nurture. Just going through the motions is not the same as committing your whole heart. A vaccination is a little bit of the sickness so your body can build antibodies, don’t get spiritually weak, there is much to learn, grow and do, get back in the game!

Week: May 21, 2018

Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Week : 5/21/18

1) Hopelessness is like cancer, it keeps growing unless it is stopped. God’s word is the only medicine that cures this permanently. God loved us enough to prove it on the cross, whatever is overwhelming you needs fresh eyes and perspective. It may take a doctor or counselor’s help but the great Physician is your reason for HOPE!

2) It seems like you are trapped in a never changing cycle but every time you go through this you grow and bless people who are watching you. You want to be used by God and you are, you don’t always get to choose your battles; some are meant to encourage others who are not strong enough yet. God doesn’t waste pain or trials, trust His plan for you and those who are growing because of you!

3) Time seems like it is going so fast and it is; don’t think when you put something off it will be the same when you go back to it, you will lose ground if you don’t finish what the Lord has assigned you. Completely wrap up the things God has on your plate so you will have no loose ends when you next assignment begins.

4) Don’t allow yourself to become luke warm, if you coast in your growth as a believer that’s exactly what happens. God is not trying to work you until you have no free time but He does have assignments for you to handle. Make sure your schedule is in the Lord’s hands and don’t be disappointed when He asks you to do something, serving Him is your highest honor!