2021 Encouraging Words
By: Dale Walker

1) Never give up on someone! They may seem further from God, you, victory or living BUT GOD! He can turn them around at the last second and use them for His glory. Remember the thief on the cross, seconds before his death He trusted Jesus, the one you are praying for can too!

2) Jesus reached people we would never think deserving of His love. Matthew the tax collector was worse than any one you can imagine but Jesus saved him and his life was dramatically different. Ask God to show you people to pray and believe for after you put your judgment aside. He will!

3) You may think things are worse than they have ever been, they’re not. America had survived a civil war with more lives lost and wounded than all of her other wars combined. World wars, depressions, plagues and rebellious people but God brought repentance and revival, ask Him to bring it again!

4) Ask a few close friends to join you in praying for grace to love those you disagree with, especially the ones you don’t even like to look at. God sent His Son to save them, they are no worse than you were. All have sinned and fallen short of His glory but His grace is rich enough to love them into His Kingdom and He may use you to help bring them!

1) “Are you striving to promote your perspective, demand your way be accepted, or your voice be heard above others? Are you in the middle of a conflict with someone you love that, unless one of you stands down and defers to the other, is only going to intensify and cause lasting damage? Listen to Jesus. It's time to turn from selfishness and strife as you embrace the way of the Cross. Lay down your rights. And leave the striving to Him.” (C. Swindoll)

2) John the Baptist said “Jesus must increase and I must decrease”. The world does not need to “see you or hear your opinions” they need Jesus. They may see you reflect Him but much of what Christians demonstrate doesn’t accurately show Him. “The Lord is more patient, forgiving and loving than we show Him to be. Remember Jesus has not returned hoping for more to repent and come to Him”. (II Peter 3:9)

3) James 3:10 says “it is not right that blessings and cursing comes out of the same mouth, with our mouth we bless our Father and curse out brother”. People need to see Jesus especially when they are behaving poorly. Remember how patient God was with you, your family and friends were too. Ask God for grace to pour on those you don’t understand!

4) Judgmental Christians aren’t easy to follow or trust. Strive to be one who gives grace when others are not expecting it, forgiving again when the offender doesn’t deserve it and encouraging to those who should be further along than they are. What the world needs now is the love of Jesus!

1) What’s important now? You are where you are, you may not want to be there but what do you need to do to go forward? You can stay angry over unfair treatment, illness you have or watched someone endure but what is important now? Ask God for wisdom about how to proceed, God supplies to everyone who seeks!

2) As you begin this new year determine to make progress in areas you know the Lord is nudging you. Don’t make resolutions unless you are sure He has stirred you to and then follow His directions. Remember His ways are higher than our ways so He may choose to lead you to work on something different than you believe should be first, He knows best what needs work first!

3) Don’t talk about how bad 2020 was, you made it through it and you are stronger, wiser and hopefully thankful God gave you grace to endure. No one on earth saw this coming but the Lord has known since before time began, there will be more shocking news in the days ahead but the Lord will guide you step by step.

4) The world seems to be rejecting Jesus more and more but every time a computer prints a document or your phone opens the first thing you see is a date. That date represents the day the world changed forever, time is marked by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!