Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Date: 6/9/2019

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Fathers Day should be a day of memories. If you have a dad, natural, spiritual or father figure make sure to tell them how grateful you are for their influence on you. If you don’t have fond memories, let this be the last day their failures and absence steals from you. Your Heavenly Father can heal every broken place; He doesn’t shout, slap or abuse, He is waiting to talk to you!

When Jesus’ disciples were in a storm He was watching them the whole time (Mark 6:48), they thought they were going to die. Take your eyes off what seems sure to ruin you, Jesus is closer than it looks. Scripture says He would have walked by them but when they called to Him, He said don’t be afraid I’m here!

Don’t let your desires for something new steal the blessings of what you have. We all know stuff brings temporary pleasure but it gets old and we are back to where we started. Decide now to focus on how blessed you are with what you have, if something better comes great but stay content whether it does or not!

Are you growing in your faith? Lukewarm Christianity is not satisfying to us or pleasing to God. It takes discipline to grow, faithfulness to deny your fleshly desires, Jesus never says, “sure take a week, month or decade off”. He knows the enemy of your souls is constantly scheming to kill and destroy you. It’s time to get back in shape, not in a legalistic way but a grace filled healthy way!

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Sermon: Commit your way to the Lord 6-9-19

By: Dale Walker