Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Date: 2/17/19

1) Don’t make unrealistic plans ...

Don’t make unrealistic plans like I’m going to start reading my Bible an hour every day. It takes time to develop discipline and success. It only gives the enemy the opportunity to condemn when plans fail. Start with 5 minutes a day, keep track of progress, 30 days of 5 minutes a day is better than 3 days of one hour and condemnation all the days you didn’t follow through. The Lord will meet you where you are and help you grow steadily, don’t be discouraged!

2) The world can look tempting, if you are not careful...

The world can look tempting, if you are not careful you will be striving to get what others have instead of appreciating what you do. Don’t get trapped wishing for Recognition, that will never satisfy for long, trust God to give you what will last for eternity. We all get many rewards on Earth don’t miss yours looking at others!

3) When your patience is wearing thin, ask ...

When your patience is wearing thin, ask the Lord why, what should you learn. You are in charge of your feelings, don’t give anyone the power to control you. Denying our flesh is necessary to grow in faith. Lasting growth is almost always slow. You are in this for eternity don’t settle for less!

4) You are extremely gifted in certain ...

You are extremely gifted in certain areas, God chose your gifts for you; develop the things you are good at and don’t try to be something you are not. Your gifts will bring satisfaction for you and blessings for others and will increase regularly as you use them. Don’t be stingy with your gifts, it robs blessings form those who need them!

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