Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Date: 1/13/19

1) God has blessed all of us, it may be hard ...

God has blessed all of us, it may be hard to look past your difficulties to see His favor but if you are His child, He has promised to meet your needs and direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5 says do not lean to your understanding, God’s Word is alive, listen, obey, believe and persevere, He always keeps His promises!

2) Fear can be like cancer...

Fear can be like cancer, it grows out of control. Stop focusing on “what ifs” and keep God’s Word in front of you. If you battle fear regularly, ask friends to call, text and pray for you all through the day. You can live free of fear but it will take discipline and faith. Begin thanking the Lord now for the day you trust His Word more than fear!

3) If you, family and friends do nine things ...

If you, family and friends do nine things right and one wrong, what do you talk about? It’s easy to be judgmental and critical but let the Holy Spirit convince of sin. Be an encourager, more are needed and will be appreciated. Practice this on yourself and others, everyone needs encouragement!

4) Do not settle for mediocre Christianity ...

Do not settle for mediocre Christianity, you will never be happy and the devil will accuse you constantly. God has put the desire to live passionately for Jesus in you, loving Him is not following rules; listen for His still small voice and say yes to whatever He asks. You will never be happier than when you are closest to Him!

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