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Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

1) God brings unusual people in to our lives not...

Week : 11/11/18

God brings unusual people in to our lives not for us to criticize and make fun of but to learn from (sometimes what not to do) and to pray for. Be very careful not to miss the lessons He intends for you to learn because they are so different than you. Likewise He has put you in people’s lives not to boss or dominate but to bless and encourage, be about your Father’s business!

2) Never judge success by what your...

Week : 11/11/18

Never judge success by what your earn or people who report to you, “what good is it to gain the whole world and loose your soul” (Mark 8:36). You may be the top person in your field but if your family doesn’t love seeing you walk in the door, or you don’t look forward to walking in the door, the day will come when you will be sitting on top of the mountain alone. You can’t change the past but you can change beginning today. You can be the top person but make sure you share the glory, benefits and successes with those who sacrifice to get you there!

3) Holidays can be stressful and hurtful ...

Week : 11/11/18

Holidays can be stressful and hurtful because of who is not with you this year; find someone in that place and encourage them, even while you wish someone was encouraging you. God promises to comfort you by His Holy Spirit but He May well do that as you serve others. You will never regret blessing someone who is hurting, alone or lonely even if they don’t tell you how much you helped!

4) Thanksgiving is here, make ...

Week : 11/11/18

Thanksgiving is here, make sure you take time to be thankful, tell others what you are thankful about, write notes to those you are thankful to, actively practice thankfulness. It’s easier to see what you don’t have than what you do have, but recognizing God’s faithfulness helps focus your heart. You may have less this year than for many years in your past but even the memories can be a reason to be thankful!

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