Encouraging Words

By: Dale Walker

Date: 5/12/2019

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You have made it much farther than you thought you would; not so long ago you weren’t sure how things would turn out and now almost none of what you worried about has happened. Remember this in the days ahead, seldom do things work out exactly like you planned but God is directing your steps, He has things totally under control!

Keep reaching out to those who need your help, don’t become a nuisance but don’t walk away because your help has been turned away more than once. In an unusual way the ones who are turning away your help are praying you keep reaching out. Life is difficult, we use defense mechanisms to try to avoid pain but God keeps pursuing us when we run from Him, keep doing the same!

Relationships are worth the effort, don’t accept status quo, put in the work to listen better, serve more and get closer. Things that used to be a big deal can be laughed at later when you realize the good that comes from strong families, friendships and connections. Be the first to say you are sorry and try harder, you will reap wonderful sweet memories!

God’s ways are not our ways, many times the way you thought something was going to work out doesn’t but never give up on His promises. Many times He doesn’t reveal much of His plan because we would start before He says or try to work things our way. Just because you can’t see the answer doesn’t mean He doesn’t have it!

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